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We deliver a complete research of the industry, contemplating every area and offer in the market, with no direct involvement of the clients in the process, for achieving a high quality production with a creative seal and fully consciousness of the industry’s working rhythm, therefore the creation of solid relationships between brands and highly close names to them are no surprise, but the assured result of an impeccable work with the best price in the market.

When you find real talent, style stands out naturally

Having a smart perspective of fashion, it shows.


We work differently, because we know it works.



We propose

 We determinate the ideal type casting in models, agencies, producers, actors, celebrities, influencers and talents for your project, on an international and national level, digital and physical, considering the inclusion of publicity activities, fashion editorials, runways, journalist coverage and e-commerce productions as a part of the project, that’s how we make possible exactly what you have in mind.


We make

We present the best offers in a friendly and simple way for putting the final decision in your hands, at the same time decreasing production’s costs involved in negotiations, capacitations and casting direction with our wide net of friends and collaborators. That’s how we fully exploit the budget, without losing opportunities on our way.


We follow

We measure the advance and development of the activities and everyone involved step by step, considering an entire team of backups to prevent possible risks of the project and assure a full commitment with it until it’s finished. We control every stage, for getting a totally satisfying result and the possibility of keep working together.




Katherine Sösemann is the person behind SÖS, a model and PR professional with over twelve years of experience in the international fashion world and an excellent set of skills in the management of business with brands and editorials.

SÖS is project that began with the purpose of giving advice in the search of full strategies that erase lobby’s complexities and decreases production’s costs for a better quality result that completely fits each client’s expectations.

Through a background of connections between solid talents and clear goals, SÖS builds a relationship based on trust, transparency and success for starting projects as ambitious as creative, with big or small budgets, because with a well trained vision... it’s impossible to not exploit opportunities.



Contributing to the fashion world is one of the main goals of SÖS. We want to be a fresh platform for all those professionals in the industry that share our spirit of growing making possible what seems impossible, connecting with the right people and creating projects that inspire future talents. Being a part of our creative community means opening up to new opportunities, it’s an invitation to keep defying and changing the rules of the game together.




Vero Monaco
Bernardita Silva
Tere Irrarázabal
Javiera Verdugo
Raul Flores
Fernanda Acuña
Iván Barria
Poli Pico
Marcelo Bhanu

Fashion Production

Mauricio Fredes
Andres Fernandez
Ita Pavisich
Matias Nuñez
Maria Jose Prado
Manuel Rojas
Benjamin Valdes
Tefa Bastias
Esteban Pomar 


Camilo Bustos Delpin
Max Jorquera
Gabriel Quiroz
Simon Pais
Jaime Arrau
Rocio Aguirre
Paolo Remedy
Paula Zigler
Ricardo Aguilera
Paloma Agliati
Pilar Castro

Photography Studios

El Estudio
Estudio Matta


Felipe Jofré


Darko Radic




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